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We are GooodLife

GooodLife is all about people like you and us. As a young company , we create meaningful interactions for your everyday life.




our mission

mental health

Our mission is to make mental health and well-being, feelings of desire and interactions easy and accessible .

Our team

The GooodTeam

We are an international and diverse team of mental health enthusiasts working together from all over the world.

​As a purpose company, our goal is to create the premier digital mental health network that empowers everyone to develop their own personality through purposeful human interactions.

The team at a glance

Meet the GooodTeam

Jonas Bohlender

Founder, CEO

Lennart Gamradt

IT lead

Liron Pepsi

Product Lead

Haikel Latiff

Commercial Lead


Design Lead

Maybe you?

join us

Hannelore Bostick

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Esin Bozyazi

Advisory Board

Our partners

Make the world goood together.

We can only change the world together. That is why we are looking for partners and investors who share our mission and want to be part of GooodLife.

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