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Due to the restricted social behavior during the Corona Pandemic, Internet users are increasingly active in social media. Probably one of the most serious negative effects that intensive social media use can have is the strong outward orientation: we are particularly focused on what others have, what they do and how they look instead of staying with us and listen to ourselves. For many, negative feelings such as envy, a sense of inferiority or the fear of missing out are symptoms of intensive social media use.

Create relaxation and find yourself – with Qi Gong, Yoga and Tai Chi

However, self-confidence arises precisely when the connection to ourselves is right. To do this, we need to know our abilities as well as our weaknesses and sincerely and lovingly accept this realistic, well-reflected picture of ourselves.

However, turning away from what social media conveys as an ideal image and turning towards what lies within us is not just a question of mindset, but also a matter of action. Taking care of yourself, a healthy diet, enjoying breaks and getting enough sleep are just as important building blocks as having the right attitude towards yourself. In addition to treating yourself with respect, mindfulness and care, certain practices and exercises can also be helpful. Above all, the regular practice of relaxation techniques from Qi Gong, Yoga and Tai Chi can help to strengthen the connection to one’s own self – and to be able to let go of the external pressure that is triggered by influences such as social media.

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Qi Gong, for example, works wonders against physical ailments such as headaches, backaches and digestive problems, but also against restlessness and sleep disorders. The flowing movement sequences of the Qi Gong exercises ultimately serve to direct one’s own awareness to the slow, cleanly executed movement sequences and breathing. Just like in yoga, which also involves feeling, strengthening and stretching individual parts of the body, these movement sequences also aim for a meditative state in which we concentrate completely on ourselves and thus find the connection to ourselves again.

Tai Chi also pursues this goal: “shadow boxing”, which is based on movements from combat, is intended to strengthen body and mind through breathing, mental focus and flowing movement sequences. Doing these practices regularly can help you get through a digital detox well and use the time to fully relate to yourself again.

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