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Team of psychotherapists, developers and mental health experts create “AirBnB for human interactions”.

The new platform allows you to exchange ideas with users and experts to experience feelings in interactions.

With GooodLife you can easily give and receive feelings

Do you find it difficult to take care of your mental well-being in everyday life between family, work and leisure time? Do you remember moments from your life in which you wished to exchange ideas with people in order to experience feelings together? Do you think that social media and therapeutic offers are not the best way for you in such situations? Then you are like us and more than 30% of our fellow human beings. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, almost every third person suffers from a mental illness that requires treatment in the course of their life. That’s exactly why we founded GooodLife.

We are GooodLife, a team of psychotherapists, developers and mental health experts. Our mission is to make mental health and well-being, desire feelings and interactions easy and accessible.

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And this is how it works: On our platform you can easily advertise or search for your desired feelings and interactions that you would like to experience with other users or professionals. Find people who are good for you and experience your desired feelings in a trusting exchange with them. You decide whether by phone, chat or live at a meeting. After each interaction you can receive and share feedback to reflect on yourself and develop your personality.

“We believe that it takes real human interactions and feelings for people to be happy and balanced in everyday life,” explains Liron Pepsi, psychotherapist and product lead at GooodLife.

“We offer modern psychological counseling and self-help for your everyday life. Simple and accessible, without queues or bureaucratic hurdles”.

“With our approach, we complement classic therapy offers,” says Jonas Bohlender, founder of GooodLife.

“We give people the opportunity to share and experience their feelings with others. Unlike in the big social networks, you don’t have to stage yourself publicly, it’s all about your individual mental well-being and your personal experiences”.

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Would you like to put what you have read into practice together with others? Are you looking for people for meaningful conversations and experiences that are good for you? Then you can now easily post and find GooodTalks and GooodExperiences on

GooodLife develops technologies and connects people to experience meaningful interactions. For more mental well-being and satisfaction in your everyday life. Driven by the mission to make mental health and well-being, desire feelings and interactions easy and accessible, GooodLife was founded in 2021 by a team of psychotherapists, developers and mental health experts. The offer is currently available in German and English-speaking Europe.

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