How to deal with fear caused by war in Ukraine?

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  • Information on fears that arise in us humans due to war and crises .
  • Guidance to help you better understand yourself and your fears.
  • 5 good tips to help you deal with your fears in the current war situation.

Why is this a GooodTopic for you?

On the morning of February 24, 2022, news shocked mankind about the start of the war in Ukraine. The videos and photos of bomb attacks, tanks, military vehicles and the hundreds of thousands of fleeing Ukrainians are depressing and heartbreaking at the same time. A war in the middle of Europe, at an emotionally very tense time.

After two years of anxiety and tension from the Corona Pandemic, many people are suffering from a feeling of depression and hopelessness due to personal losses and the huge price increases in the market.

What exactly is happening here?

Now, with the war in Ukraine, new fears are emerging. The fear of a third world war, the fear of the war spreading to other regions and the fear that the economic and social consequences will change our life in Europe forever.

How can we remain emotionally stable and healthy despite such global crises?

We have put together 5 good tips for you.

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What are the GooodTips for you?

1. Focus your news times

The constant bombardment of information and photos of the war from social media and the news reinforces our fears, which we then find difficult to erase from the psyche. The more detailed the photos and videos of the events of the war, the more difficult it is for some people to forget or repress what happened.

If you are also reacting sensitively to the current crisis situation, we recommend that you read the news from reliable sources in the morning and in the evening, but stay away from the flood of photos and videos. The amount of detailed information about the war causes constant, harmful nervousness and does not leave our psyche time to relax.

2. Give your fear space

Fear is and always has been part of our lives. Fears help us prepare for and deal with danger.

It is normal and human to be afraid. So don’t try to suppress your fears in the subconscious.

If you find your fears getting out of control, talk to people you trust – “suffering shared is suffering halved” or “fear shared is fear halved”.

Remember that fear, in addition to the actual facts, is always about personal and family experiences and prior information related to the causes of the fear. The war in Ukraine thus triggers different associations in people with personal experience of war events than in people without personal experience or personal connection.

3. Bring your attention to everyday things

Be aware that no matter what happens in the world, your everyday life goes on and you will, can and must have happy moments with your family or friends.

Even in times of crisis, it is normal and recommended that you devote yourself to your daily commitments and activities in order to live your life and routines without fear.

4. Pursue your personal goals in life

All crises, no matter how severe and no matter how long they last, end sooner or later. This also applies to the past wars and economic crises of 2000, 2001 and 2008.

Problems that cannot be avoided are challenges that must be overcome.


Set and pursue your personal life goals in such a way that they cannot be easily influenced by passing crises. Realize that you are spending your time with people you love and who love you. Focus on people who are good for you and fight with you for your life goals and a better future.

5. Think about the adaptability of us humans

Despite all the problems and challenges we humans face, human nature and adaptability allows us to adapt to crises beyond our control.

Scientifically speaking, the adjustment phase lasts three to four weeks, so after this time we no longer have any physical symptoms such as tremors, sleep disorders, loss of appetite, etc., even if psychological stress continues to accompany us with our daily problems.

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